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Violence Conference Photo Gallery
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Michael Idriss, Rev. Rookard, Councilman Nutter, Rev. Brown, Tiy Adams
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Thanking God for successful march
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Returning to the church
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Nashid Ali urged us on with African drumming
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We sang, we prayed and we marched for peace!
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Marineeta Smallwood has the best seat!
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Edythe Lawrence carries sign
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56th & Arch
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Reese Brown III & Alicia
Our youngest marcher!
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Paul Badger and Councilman Nutter
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They wore their sneakers and marched!
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Marching down 57th Street
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Councilman Nutter, David Fattah and Rev. Rookard
Continue to rally the community
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Councilman Nutter and neighbor
No more violence!
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